Bits & Bobs

Listening to : The kids both fighting over and shouting at the Xbox! 🎮 Reading : Art & Soul Reloaded : Pam Grout and The woman who stole my life : Marian Keyes 📚 Watching : Just discovered Ray Donovan......and am still traumatised by Game of Thrones epidsode 6 😳😭 Cinema : No time for …

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Writing Prompt : Childhood Sweets

As a child there was always an abundance of sweets and chocolates at our house. My Mum was the gatekeeper of those things, no “help yourself” in our kitchen……unless we were sneaking stuff! Lion bars, Kit Kats, Walnut Whips, Toffee Crisps, anything from Rowntree Macintoshes. That's where my Dad worked. Back then the factory shop …

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